Sparkling Scalp DR Pro

Doctor Created

High-End Spa Care Carbonated Shampoo

Micro Carbonic Shampoo not only cleans your hair, increases skin metabolism and penetrates deep into follicles to gently remove dead skin cells, oil and dirt so your healthy scalp can generate beautiful hair!  Leaves hair soft and naturally conditioned! You'll love how clean you feel!! 

How to use





Shake can well. (about 10 times) And warm in shower.  Holding the can upright, spray for 2~3 seconds directly on to scalp. Gently lather with finger tips to create the micro carbonic hair-pack. Leave in for 2~3 minutes before rinsing.  Gently rinse well and thoroughly. 

NOTE: Sparkling Scalp DR Pro is powerful and starts working FAST! You may feel a warming or tingling sensation on your scalp as the blood flow increases. IF you have sensitive skin or if this is irritating in any way, please discontinue use. It should feel pleasurable and refreshing.  

Includes six additional natural essential extracts to help revitalize your scalp and hair.

Golden Silk Orange Japanese Sake (Yuzu) Cherry blossom leave 

Sea weed 

  Source: Naturally carbonated, medically certified healing mineral "Onsen" (Thermal spring) in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. More than a thousand year history of healing skin, maintaining health and beauty.

 Doctor recommended for people with:


Dry Scalp

・Sun Damage

Thinning Hair

Any kind of scalp and hair damage

Hair and/or Scalp oder

Braids and tight weaves



Sparkling Scalp Dr Pro helps to break up the dirt and oil embedded in your scalp!! Feel so refresh and clean and your scalp breath again!!! 

Time to clean!

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