Sparkling Spa Shower

It POP's!

Doctor created

scalp care treatment and revitalizer that POPS!

With age, the harmful accumulation of sun damage, stress and dryness can destroy the skin on your scalp, causing hair loss and preventing follicles from functioning properly. Sparkling Spa Shower helps revitalize your scalp to peak condition promoting hair growth and healthy skin. A refreshing POPPING on your scalp will immediately increase blood flow as it starts to work!







Shake well (about 10 times) before each use. Turn Up-Side-Down. Press on scalp for 1 second in each area.  Press each area with palm to induce pop-cleaning massage! Run fingers through hair to distribute treatment and style.

NOTE: Sparkling Spa Shower is powerful and starts working fast! IF YOU HAVE sensitive skin or scalp, you may feel a heating sensation or ultra-cool sensation from the conditioning menthol used. If you feel its uncomfortable, or painful in any way, please discontinue use. It should feel refreshingly cool.  

Source: Naturally carbonated, medically certified healing mineral "Onsen" (Thermal spring) in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. More than a thousand year history of healing skin, maintaining health and beauty.

Extract from 12 Asian Herbs


Houttuynia Cordata, Ginger roots, Dates, Star Fruit, Swertia Herb, Hamamelis, Licorice root, Euphoria longana, Fucus, Alpinia Speciosa leaf, Panax ginseng, Japanese Angelica Root. 




Special Head



Doctor Recommended for people with;




 ・Dry Scalp

 ・Hair Loss

 ・Low Skin Metabolism Scalp

 ・Stressed Scalp

 ・Braids & Tight Weaves


"The amazing benefits of micro carbonic technology are far reaching in the medical field. Increasing blood flow and oxygen helping replenish essential nutrients to the scalp helping prevent hair loss and enhancing rejuvenation of hair and scalp condition".  -Dr. Mariko Saito. Celebrity Dermatologist & Cosmetic Surgeon.   

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